Derek Mountfield Appreciation Thread

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Met him years ago on a european trip (Bergen maybe) and it took me ages through my ale sozzled mind to realise it was him. Just a proper down to earth normal lad.


All I ask is an empty road.
I remember playing in a match once and found myself on the edge of the box as our team took a corner. The ball was cleared and landed my feet. It was the mid-80s, the pitch was like the Somme and I was the only member of our back 4 who was wearing studs (student team).
Inspired by a goal I'd seen Mountfield score from the same position just a week or so before, rather than welly the ball, i clipped it over the crowd of players and into the top corner of the net.

I would have received plaudits for a world class finish if i hadn't, the instant after the ball left my feet, slipped and landed on me arse, making it look like I'd slipped and shanked it. I still remember the goal, clear as day, and credit Mountfield as my inspiration.

We lost 15-1. Our keeper was about 5' tall.


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Remember an early kick off game v Southampton. Big Saints centre forward had been putting himself about and being a right c*ck. Player went down near the centre line and was receiving treatment. Degsy and the big forward were standing on the edge of our box in front of the Street End and the c*ck was giving it large in Degsy's ear. Big D didn't even look around but stuck an elbow right in his face and poleaxed him.
It was only the cheer from the Street End which alerted everyone else on the pitch to what had happened but as none of the officials saw it and Degsy just stood there looking angelic no action was taken. The c*ck never did a thing after that. Job done!
No one messed with us in those days.


Player Valuation: £6m
Looking back now how did the likes of Gary Stevens (Spurs one) terry fenwick and Alvin Martin (who all played for London teams ) get in the Mexico 86 World Cup before mountfield not one one of them 3 players would of got near are Everton team 84-87
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