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Player Valuation: £10m
What is our best Deadwood team just for the sake of it ?

Cuco Jag Williams Baines

Walcott Sneid Davies Bolasie

Niasse Sandro
Harsh on both Davies and Walcott who have contributed this term. Davies is only 20, hardly deadwood. Swap him for McCarthy. Walcott can still do a job for us this season, being dropped for two games doesn’t make him deadwood. Put besic in the team instead of him with Sandro wider and Niasse up top alone.


Player Valuation: £70m
Does a 20 year old Tom Davies warrant being labelled "deadwood"?

He most certainly does not.

Nor do I think Jags and Baines, two players whom have contributed much to this club over a good many years but now admittedly past their sell by date, deserve to be bracketed with worthy members of the eponymous XI such as Ash, Schneiderlin, Cuco and Bolasie.

(Oumar neither.....I love The Prince :))
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