2017/18 Davy Klaassen

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Davy Klaassen - 2017/18 Player Performance Thread
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Please use this thread for all discussion relating to Davy Klaassen's 2017/18 match performances.

Feel free to start new threads regarding any new topics of discussion relating to this player - new contracts, player quotes, transfer news etc.

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Please check with me for Blammo criteria
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Please check with me for Blammo criteria
Would be nice to see him actually getting into the oppositions box a bit considering that's what he's supposed to be good at.

Definitely, at the moment he looks very uncertain as to what he should be doing - not seen him get beyond Rooney much. Gueye has also been much further up the pitch which has been taking up space in his area


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Ajax fan on Reddit earlier today explained to me that he was so effective in finding space around the 18 yard box last season due in part to Dolberg in front of him being a nuisance for defenders and attracting a lot of their attention. Reckons he'll do well in the Prem with us but won't score as many goals.

Not open for further replies.
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