David Unsworth


Player Valuation: £1m
He had a chance as caretaker manager and looked like a rabbit in headlights, in fact we might as well have stuck Boys Pen Bill in the dugout. Now he has a new fancy title. We may not care too much for Mr. Barton but I think the FAT PE Teacher taunt actually sits well. He epitomises the slack, underachieving boys club created by Kenwright and our backsliding long rooted culture. Unsworth should be on the Moshri list. The owner now needs to decide who he and we need at the club or keep this going and its the Championship and possibly worse.


It's the hope that kills you...


Player Valuation: £15m
If the "meedja" are to be believed, Unsy has turned down managers jobs at both Sligo Rovers and Oxford United. Speaks volumes about his own ambition, belief in his own ability and the nature of his present role at Everton.
Not sure what you job is but some people are happy with the lot, and don’t want to run the business.
Some are happy in middle management.
Not necessarily a bad thing

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