Confirmed Signing Conor Coady

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Oh god hahaha we’re using experimental friendlies now? Please now go and find me every Wolves line up from their past 6 years worth of pre-season friendlies.

I don't really understand why you're getting so irate about this. The fact remains they've gone to a back 4, he's not making their team despite being the captain and now they're giving him to us on loan.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £35m
If we choose to play a back four then Keane is superior to Coady in my opinion.
In fact any of our remaining uninjured CB’s are better than Coady in a four.
Coady is a DM who has been converted to a specialist back three CB , and excels in that position and that position alone.
Can't agree with you on Keane mate, he is a good defender when he is, playing In a four, in a low block and with a steady partner. In all other circumstances, he is an accident looking for a place to happen.


Player Valuation: £35m
Loads of blues have been great for them and reds for us, that is the least importance, will he improve us I dont know but with our centre backs I'd rather have him as an option.


Guilty unitl proven innocent
Peter Reid a kopite?? Yeah right do me a favour
When receiving his Everton Giant accolade he said: "To have been able to play for this club is fantastic. To be described as a legend is beyond my wildest dreams.

"I lost my dad earlier this year. He, like me, was born a red but converted to an Evertonian.

"My mum was the one with the brains in the family because she has always been a Blue. This award will take pride of place at my mum's house and every time I look at it I will think of my old fella."

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