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Does Bill ultimately be blamed for this chaos we find ourselves in?
In his haste to find a financial backer was he a bit too hasty in selecting someone he must have known had associates who were Russian and everything that it brings?

Bit of a stretch that.

Chelsea have been owned for 20 years by a similar guy. We aint even owned by a Russian. Officially.


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I don’t agree at all. The amount of money provided to Everton via USM thus far is not a big deal, and at present, USM can continue to do as much business as they wish to within the UK.

Say USM becomes a tainted brand, Moshiri (a British feller with a clean DBS) will find a new company to sponsor us. He’s good friends with NEC, I believe.
That would bring us back to winning the Cup in 95


Player Valuation: £50m
Bit of a stretch that.

Chelsea have been owned for 20 years by a similar guy. We aint even owned by a Russian. Officially.
I'm asking the question only because there are those on here that will blame him for Merseyrail trains running late. I'll be honest and say that once I heard of the Usmanov connection I was a bit wary of his presence.


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So let me guess how this goes.

Abramovich sells Cheslea to a coalition of billionaires.

Moshiri sells Everton to Mike Ashley.


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It’s the same blag ownership structure in place; with a British citizen that has a clean DBS fronting everything. They’ve just removed some of the blag advertising. Nobody has gone anywhere.
Exactly. The word suspended means nothing other than hiding the advertising boards. Utd & schalke ended their sponsorships which would be a massive problem here. Big difference.

bring back the catt

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Would hope Moshiri started planning for this as soon as sanctions were mentioned. Right thing to do though
This escalation into invasion has been rumbling for an age now. Usi is, amongst many things, wealthy and powerful and highly influential and because of this will have first rate advisors. Heck, he may even know of a good accountant.
Do not think for a nanosecond all angles will not have been thought of and considered and provisos put into place.
Long before any sanctions were placed upon him, he would have had many ghost companies set up, with almost impossible to trace connections. Third party, more like thirty third party connections.
The word to Moshiri would be to keep progressing. Keep paying as this atrocity will not be forever and when something like normality reigns, you will receive everything back.
These people haven't got this far in life with this amount of wealth without complex structures in place, and they will not want to lose on a possible large gain when they sell the club.

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