Christmas decorations

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Received an interesting video via WhatsApp today involving a bauble.... a lighter, a gentleman's gaping anus and a massive degree of stupidity.

There was blood.

The guilty party (the sender of the clip not the gaping chap) walks amongst you. You know who you are.
They say I'll make a full recovery, biggest gaping arsehole they've apparently seen since @AndyC

WA Toffee

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Can someone tell me how to explain to the missus that it's not and I quote "stupid and immature for a 36 year old man sulk and argue over red decorations on a Christmas tree.
You need to play the long game. Let her include the red ones this year, but when you pack them away in January make sure the red ones don’t go back into the box. You also need to make sure you buy next years decorations when they go on sale after Christmas.
Then next Christmas, and every Christmas thereafter, there is no need to even have the discussion about it.


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@SantaClausisanEvertonian the floor or tree is yours
Why thank you little boy.
Christmas came early at Goodison Park this year, what with my good friend Marco Silva arriving with lots of lovely players. I know that some of you had wanted some really good players for a long time.
I hope you've all been good little boys and girls this year and that you've ridiculed those tedious kopites at every opportunity.
My little evs have worked really hard this year. Sergio Ramos scarves have been a popular request in the Walton area whilst over in Anfield, half and half scarves of those lovable rs and St. Etienne dated 1977 have been popular.
Not long to go now everybody and, don't tell Mrs. Christmas, but I've packed you a derby win as an early gift.
Merry Christmas To My Blue Friends Across The Globe.
( I won't be watching as you sleep because that's just creepy).

Not open for further replies.

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