Match Thread Chelsea v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Hopefully they walk into this game thinking it's only Everton and an easy 3 points... Huge effort required from us to give them no time to settle. I'd take a point now but it's an opportunity to get more if we take our chances. Theyve dropped points at home all season.

I think we’ll win unconvincingly or you’ll nick it from a set piece, so a draw it is then. Possibly. We’re still selectively a bit crap but if we find some purpose to our passing then we might score a few. I have no idea…. 🤷

These have turned a corner last couple of weeks, don't really rate them that highly but have players who can win it for them.

A point would be fantastic.

Same XI, keep it tight. 1-1.
They have a fantastic group of players. Hoping they do their usual this season and just have no striker putting the ball in. Unfortunately they seem to have found a bit of mojo recently.

Expecting nothing, but also not expecting us to get a hiding as the way Dyche sets up keeps it as tight as possible. Any points gained here are a bonus.

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