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Player Valuation: £70m
That is as bad a first half display as I have seen since the wheels started coming off for Bobby.

Absolutely clueless and pathetic.

Stephen Gibson

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Nobody is showing for the ball. When we play out from the back, all the midfield seems to move forward 10 yards but Chelsea's players then occupy that space so we play to wing then play backwards then either lose it or go long giving possession away. Add in the fact that are players can't pass, control or read eachother & are losing most of the battles, oh & are far too slow at everything they do. We have very little chance of competing.
In attack our players just stand still in the box when it should them moving around creating spaces & not just hope the supplier can conjure up an amazing ball. We are miles off. Miles.


Player Valuation: £500k
Ooof that is a shockingly bad first half from us. Poor touches, poor passes, lack of awareness in attack and defence, not spotting your own runners or opposition runners.

Thought Bernard really could have done better for their first goal, he drifted inside instead of picking up Mount, the. He scores a very good finish tbf to him.

Second goal was just a carve-up in CM. Our midfield is rotten atm. Across the park. Gomes isn't match sharp yet, I don't like the slow chipped balls he's using to switch play, but he's trying. Davies hasn't been good today. Hope I'm wrong but I just don't see him transforming into a good CM.


Carlo's task to produce a good squad is monumental. The only good thing so far is that Sidibe is not our player. We knew in advance that the midfield is rubbish and why Siggy is always picked is a mystery.
Wasn’t it Carlo’s task to get more out of a squad that we all believed was better than it was showing under MS?

When he joined, we were 15th and 8 points off Europe, today, we sit 12th and 6 points off Europe.


Only midfielders on the bench Walcott and Iwobi, I'd bring one on and move Benard into the middle and sub Davies but he won't do that.

I'd bring Baines on for Sidibe too.


Player Valuation: £15m
Just to think I thought we had a chance at a european spot but looks like we won't be even finishing in the top half.

Archie Knox

Given that Carlo

- chooses the system
- chooses the players
- instructs the players
- motivates the players.

He can’t be blameless in this either. Been underwhelming since Palace.
I think he could have picked a better xi, but he has an awful pool of players to pick from.
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