Match Thread Brighton HA v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Jimmy Grimble

Player Valuation: £15m
I’m out. I’ve cashed my emotional chips in after last Monday in attempt to get my life back. I had great expectations this season (didn’t we all) but the constant poor and predictable home performances have beaten my soul into the ground once again. I know we’re away but it’s unfair of them to keep giving me hope and failing to deliver. I’m focusing on next season as I’ve got zero expectation in this lot and hope that half of them will have gone come the brave new dawn in August. Anyway, what time is the kick off...
Excellent post. Sums it up

Alan Whittle

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We are the mods! We are the mods. We are, We are, We are the mods.

Jamo’s mob are on the way!


Player Valuation: £40m
Very hard to call. It's come to something where I much prefer us to play away.

A bit of inward pressure on Dominic Calvert-Lewin in particular after the missed chances may be no bad thing for us here. James fit is always a huge bonus.

The Amex is becoming another of our bogey grounds, they are amongst the better of the bottom half teams.

I don't think we will lose this, not sure if we'll win it either.

A draw is the most likely, which won't be enough.
I’ve just got that horrible feeling we’re going to be played off the park and embarrassed. We are the exact team that gives teams like Brighton their “they play good football” moniker
we've become somewhat boring and predictable recently

i expect that we will focus on defending mostly and try to counter brighton or score from set pieces

keep it tight for as long as possible, nick a goal then defend it and hope for the best

if brighton score first then we are in trouble

Cameron Manning

Player Valuation: £35m
I’ve just got that horrible feeling we’re going to be played off the park and embarrassed. We are the exact team that gives teams like Brighton their “they play good football” moniker
Don’t know how we will play next Monday, does anyone considering the absolute different performances playing home and away, but going on Brighton’s pressing and attacking at Old Trafford the other week they will give Everton’s defenders plenty to think about, and the speed at which they operated I’d give Keane a rest for this game.

Blue Neon

Player Valuation: £1.5m
If we have a starting XI with Davies and Gomes in it we will lose, any starting XI that doesn't have them in it brings us 3 points.
Need Davies to start and boss the midfield. Need him for strength and quality. " Young" Carlo says - "most improved player in the Everton squad" In young Carlo we trust" !!!!! ????

Ring master

Player Valuation: £90m

R.I.P Prince Philip​

Ancelotti starts by offering the condolences from everyone at #EFC to the Queen and Royal Family following the death of Prince Philip

Injury latest​

Carlo Ancelotti confirms that Andre Gomes will not be available for Monday’s game against Brighton. Allan has trained this morning but will be checked ahead of Brighton. Iwobi is back. Delph and Bernard are following their individual plans and Jordan Pickford is not 100% and won't be risked

Doucoure latest​

He will play again this season. He had the scan last week, everything was ok. He's going to have his next scan in three weeks and then he can start to train

Carlo on Palace Game​

The biggest lesson is when we have the possibility to kill the game, we have to kill the game. Unfortunately we conceded in the last period and we have to accept the result and keep the performance, which was much better. At home we could do much better

On social media​

I fully support this fight against racism and online abuse. It's not tolerable to receive abuse online or racism

James importance​

When James Rodriguez is fit, we have more possibility up front, we have more opportunities.
All the time he was fit we had more opportunities. It is absolutely normal we signed him for this reason, to have more opportunities up front

Carlo on Brighton​

They are playing good football, they have a clear idea. We have to defend well and use our quality, because we don't want to play a game to wait and try to do something on the counter attack.
In this period, there are no teams that don't need points. Every team needs points. For us it's vital to try and reach the target of Europe. Every team is involved, and this is the reason the Premier League is so exciting."

Taking chances​

We talk about Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin. I can say they have really good ability in the box, usually they are really clinical and they have been this season. In this situation against Palace they were not clinical, this is the truth.
After that what can I say, I am really satisfied for their season. They had an episode and I can say if they have the same chances as against Crystal Palace, they will score

Carlo on Gbamin​

I think that Jean-Philippe Gbamin can play. He's training properly, he's not used to the intensity of the Premier League so we have to take care of this. Now, with the medical staff, we have to decide how long he can play. He will be a fantastic midfielder.

Carlo on King​

Josh is doing well, he didn’t play a lot. It’s true he played more when we played a different system, now we have a lot of midfielders out we changed the shape to play with wing-backs, he’s not a wing-back. He can play as a striker and also as a winger

Carlo on King Contract​

No we haven't talked about the future, because we are not talking about the future in this moment. The future of the structure of next season won't be discussed now because we are so involved in the games, maybe later

Carlo on James​

Why do you always talk about James to that same reporter who asks the same stuff every week lol
He has completely recovered. Playing improves his condition. We have to take care to recover him well after games, but his condition is good and he is motivated
It's difficult to say if he's 100%. He's pushing in training, he's working well, so his condition is good. There's no doubt about this.

Carlo on Youth/Lewis Warrington​

I think that we have a good academy, not only Lewis but there are players training with us a lot of times. I can say that our academy is a good academy, because we have players with talent. I think we have a good future in that sense, “I hope soon we are going to have more Ross Barkley for the future of this club [Barkley reference is referring to the question from the Journalist who specifically mentioned Ross Barkley when asking about the academy]


Player Valuation: £8m
We will smash these. They come to play football, which suits us.


Come on da lids

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