Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

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Benitez says he can understand the frustration of the fans what he does not understand is he is a large part of the frustration. Continually playing Rondon and Iwobi, not giving young players a chance and not trying to change the game by at least trying some subs to little to late. I for one can't wait for this fraud to go before its to late. Just look at the upcoming fixtures.
I can only guess it was in case Rondon got injured. Why he kept Rondon on the whole game is something I just can't understand.
Earlier on this season he took Rondon off and put a winger upfront.
I can only think he’s brought them for some first team Matchday experience,
No wonder Dobbin is holding back on signing a deal, and Small left.
Lots of ifs and buts about players yesterday.
Nobody is disputing injuries or suspensions.
Excuses for rondon about his fitness/bit part.
That Brentford team was the worst display of a team this season (including Watford capitulating v the rs)and we couldn't finish them off.
Clubs broken

Having watched the highlights, I cannot for the life of me understand why Townsend would raise his foot head-high in a packed penalty area with Brentford players in attendance. Absolute stupidity, and cost us the game...

Worse manager than Benitez?....Silva, Koeman, second season Martinez, and theres a case for Moyes and a few others. Captain? Coleman probably one of the best. Some were a bit nondescipt. Not really had many outstanding skippers since Labby until Coleman, but Billy Wright comes to mind as very poor. Some were skipper simply because they were the best player...Bally, Vernon etc.

I get what your saying here to an extent.

Benitez has taken over the worst team we’ve had for a long time bar 2-3 players. Martinez took over a very good 11 and ruined it. Koeman added to the misery then Allardyce threw more money down the drain. I liked Silva I thought he tried and really wanted to make it work, he wasn’t backed with a striker or CB as he requested but bought Iwobi so deserved to be sacked he also was plagued with Injuries.

Benitez has been poor so far but he has taken over a terrible team.

Meh we just need good players.

'Winners' is an overused term. We have Delph who's won a few titles, we have Digne who has won things with PSG and Barca, DCL scored the winner in a youth World Cup final, Richarlison has just won Olympic gold and scored a crucial pen in a Copa America final.

Good players win things. Helped by good managers.
I was thinking more of a winning mentality rather than who has won what, I go back to the 80s when we had Reid Bracewell Steven sharp southall etc they had a winning mentality and hated losing, it then reflected in what they ended up achieving

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