Match Thread Brentford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and 3-day MotM Poll

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Jesus reborn

It's time to ignore the noise and focus on the hard yards.


Goats 11 to start :

Myko - Tarks - Brans - Young
Onana - Doucs
Danjuma - DCL - McNeil


A really tidy football side with a class manager at home against a crap side with no midfield and a relegation-proven manager? Probably the most comfortably home victory of the season and absolutely a Moshiri special Expected Defeat here.

Can't believe I'm saying it but even an embarrassing loss here won't lead to this useless get in charge of the team having his position put in question. I wonder how bad it needs to get.

3-0 Brentford.
I can’t remember when I last looked forward to us playing. The joy really has been sucked out of supporting Everton. I’ve seen other people saying they’ve reached the point of being apathetic to the whole thing. Wish I felt like that and it didn’t bother me as much!

….the tempo they play with at home, we could be perfect for them.

I just hope we can offer some threat and the team give a performance that gives us some hope. I’m sure the away support will rightly make their feelings known if they don’t.
Think we're perfect opposition for most teams especially away. 3-0 Brentford