Best performance by an opposition player vs Everton

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Admittedly there's going to be a lot of options for this considering how regularly players enjoy a once in a lifetime performance on the grass at Goodison but an interesting topic for discussion nonetheless.

I'm sure there's a good few examples that I could put down, I'm thinking of the times when someone has been so good I can just admire it instead of just being annoyed we've lost and what we could have done better.

These examples are a lot more rare. I mentioned one last night v Chelsea in 95 (we drew 3-3) and Gullit hardly moved from the centre circle, never lost the ball, never broke a sweat, always looked in control with time on the ball.

The one I always pick though was Denis Bergkamp when we lost 4-1 at the start of the season. He was absolutely unbelievable that game, just on another level not just against us but his team as well that game. Walking back with Dad and we both said it was worth the money just to watch him whatever the result. Imagine getting to watch someone like that every week.


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When we made Boufal for Southampton look like the actual best player who has ever lived ever. Bloke was just skinning absolutely everybody time and time again on the left wing


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…I thought Souness was magnificent in the League Cup final replay at Maine Road.

We were on the verge of being better than them, It poured down that night & Souness’ was like a one-man show. Scored the winner from distance against Southall and took one off Heaths head when he was destined to score.

I came out of the ground reasonably content that night because I knew the tide was turning. Only Souness stopped us winning the trophy.


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Pogba, New Years day 2018. We were abject and didn't get anywhere near him, but he was so so good.

David Silva, same season. City beat us 3-1 - scored a goal where there was like 3 touches between Ederson's kick and the ball hitting the net. Silva was unreal.


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I remember Ginola scoring for Spurs from the side line by the Bullens road, not sure about over all performance but it was away goal that sticks in mind
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