2018/19 Bernard

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Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
That little turn and ball to Tosun was brilliant,and was not a foul by Tosun either i thought,just a shoulder barge,and his shot hitting th post i think was unlucky

Simon Buttle

Player Valuation: £10m
Very good player but overrated by many. Heard a few fans say Neres wouldn't be an upgrade which is crazy.
He is not overrated, he just fits the system. People on here have an issue with the goals thing, that is just because they don't think life exists outside the PL. He has never been a goalscorer, that is not his game, we knew that when we signed him, Brands/Silva don't seem worried about it so im not sure why so many fans are flipping their lids over it all the time. He is the guy who sets up the attacks, comes inside and makes the pass to someone like Siggy who can then shoot or pass it to the striker.
The other issue (and the bigger one imo) is he is taking the place of the vastly overhyped Lookman. Some on here seem to have him rated so highly that considering the lack of gametime for us, if he is so good why are Barca, Real Madrid, Man City, Bayern, PSG not banging down the door to get to him? the only club interested is the mighty Southampton. There are folk on here who seem to wet themselves when Lookman is not in the team for whatever reason.
What we do now though is play a system, that means that it's not always about having the best players it's about having people who suit the way we play and that will always be the way, just look at this GK we are being linked with, from Huddersfield.


Player Valuation: £20m
Jesus Christ you really are Mr Blue sky,you drift from thread to thread casting doom and gloom,just enjoy a good player
Never said I dont enjoy him - more that as the summer window approaches talk on positions to upgrade come about and for me his position out wide left is one that should be looked at if there are better players available.

Neres has the creativity of Bernard but has also shown he can score and have composure in the big games whereas Bernard often fluffs his lines.

Good player as I said and one who fits our pressing system well but for me he shouldn't be a guaranteed starter if someone like Neres is available.
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