2018/19 Bernard


Player Valuation: £35m
Getting better and closer to our expectation of how a Brazilian winger should be. Still not at his best yet. More to come.


Player Valuation: £10m
...good lad to have around. It’s a major move for some of these players, moving to a new club, moving to a new league, moving to a new city and moving to a new country.
True that, we as fans often forget the human side of it. Must be hard for players leaving everything behind to go to a new club. Think it helps him having lived in Russia, imagine him arriving direct from Brazil he would freeze his little knackers off. Haha. Hes got some quality about him and is exciting to watch, still needs more end product but hes starting to find his feet now. Hope to see him and richarlison on the flanks, walcott needs some time out of the side.

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