Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

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….impotent in the top third and that’s not solely because we don’t have a recognised striker. Players either lacking ability to go past the opposition or not wanting to take risk.

Defensively sound but unless you offer some threat going the other way it’s inevitable the opposition will create opportunities.


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Didnt realize McNeil just ran into a Villa player before their goal. How did he not see what would happen there.


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Gordon gets the ball on the right wing and Gray immediately goes for an overlap run past him....leaving no one in the middle. Useless runs and sloppy passes all around

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Not Dominic Calvert-Lewin but I get your point. Folding like a pack of cards. Ffs

If it carries on, we’ll be in a relegation battle again this season. Holgate and Davies have already found their way back onto the pitch. We’re one injury from Keane getting back on. Oh and you can add Allan to the injured list.


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It was just awfully nice of the club to forfeit all points for the first 5-6 games of the season. I think it's probably unprecedented. Three Championship standard wingers playing as an attacking unit... wow.


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Honestly don't think we've been bad, Ings did well for their goal.

We just need literally any focal point or we're hoping for 36 0-0's this season.
He had only the left corner open and the idiot in goal was unable to cover the only open space.
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