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With dcl up top we will never be a top 6 chance...we are missing gana energy in midfield to break up the play...and before somebody mentioned gbamin, I am not sure if it would have been different with him on the side. Let's hope we have a better second half...


How much for the pair?
I'm enjoying Mina winding up just about any opposition player that's come near him so far this season, proper snidey behaviour that I can get on-board with.

That's the only positive so far tonight and I can see us conceding more.
Basically he's what we expected Funes Mori might be, but actually decent at this football thing.


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Why is it Everton always seem to give a struggling striker their first goal ? After a good start, plenty of possession, tailed off badly, guilty of giving cheap possession away far too easily, Gomes, Lewin and Richarlison all guilty of it.

Not enough shots chances made when we were in control. Mina been our best defender, Iwobi and Kean on from the start please Silva, need speed and drive in the middle and something else up top.


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Up to their goal and first chance I was thinking it was all going well. Then the heads have gone down. Once again it's a mental thing. A few thought we only had to turn up and are finding it hard to get going now.


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We go forward and it all slows down to snails pace with too much sideways and backwards passing and not knowing what to do with it. Villa get the ball and half of their players are bombing it 100mph forward with very few passes to try and get something out of it. This has been a problem with Everton for about the last year, well since Silva took the helm tbf.
Yeah, and we have the players not to be like that. I don't think it's his fault tbh, I mean he wouldn't tell them to stop and be stagnant, they just have no composure.
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DCL is not good enough, at this level you have got to finish those chances. Late sub at best, let's hope Kean is better.

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