2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Player Valuation: £225k
Plot twist. We are actually bringing Ross home and Gordon is welcoming him back the only way a millennial would, a follow on the Instagram. Welcome home, Ross!
I could 100% see Frank wanting to bring Ross Barkley home and revitalize his and Tom Davies's careers alongside Anthony Gordon, if for nothing else than to make a statement about connection to the community and the importance of building on and investing in the youth system. Not likely, but it has a nice sound to it.


Player Valuation: £90m
As thought, we will end up getting a bid that is worth at least £50m when it comes to add ons, if not more. It's a great deal.

But the club have to reinvest the funds, and smartly. It won't do to go and just get Gueye and another attacking mid on loan and some desperate search for a striker.

That one sale is enough to get 3 more quality players. Go and do it.
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