2018/19 Andre Gomes

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I was a big fan of Barkley .. just as I was frustrated by him. But always believed in his talent and felt his contribution was overlooked because of the expectations we had.

To be fair I like Gomes and lot. He is awesome in possession.. strong when being tackled and clearly is class.. guess being little devils advocate as he does need to do more for the side for us to take that step up. I was seriously hoping he would be the next Arteta and until he delivers that level of contribution (I believe he can)..I won’t say we have the CM we need.
Fair enough. I would love him to be next Arteta, obvs I'm a fan. I think he has the potential to be even better. Gomes on top of his game is a top top talent and I believe we can get that consistency out of him then all the other good stuff will follow


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When did all this STATS stuff first actually start? Not just on here but in football fandom in general?

It's really ruined football discussion in many ways. It's just so tiresome. You don't need a spreadsheet to explain why a player is good or bad, just use your eyes and watch them play FFS!
It's the scientific way. You can't argue without stats in science.


Football shouldn't be labeled used as science IMO. It should be the escape from it if anything, it's entertainment, culture.


What the hell's going on with this transfer? This is going to end up like the Gana new contract - the players will jog out at Selhurst Park on the 10th of August with Gomes in the lineup, and then the Everton Twitter account will spring into action and say 'by the way, we've signed Andre Gomes'.

No club has more an issue with the meaning of 24 or 48 hours than we do. If we were involved in 80s movies Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy would have had a running time to rival Das Boot!
Are you alright?

bring the ghost on

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I'm so bored with this discussion, but here's a quick one:

5th worst in the PL in being dribbled past per game.
3rd in fouls per game.
9th on the team in tackles per game.
11th on the team in interceptions per game.
10th on the team in blocks per 90.
9th on the team in blocked passes per 90.

18th on the team in Key Passes per game.
17th on the team in chances created per 90.
15th on the team in xA per 90.
11th on the team in xG per 90.
6th on the team in forward passes per game (under 15).

There ya go. I saw somewhere that he got passed by more than any other player in the league per 90, but I don't have those stats in front of me - at least not yet. Point being, bad defensively, creates little offensively.

I can also craft some useful stats in terms of possession and progressive passing that would demonstrate that he's quite good at helping us keep the ball and build up from the back while in possession. He's obviously fantastic at taking people on the dribble.

But again, if you have any training whatsoever in this game, I cannot imagine you wouldn't come away from this performance this past year thinking it was a mixed bag. But this idea that he's the most creative player since Arteta when Yerry Mina is a more dangerous creator of goals is kind of silly.
Jesus Christ.

I made the point that you are ignoring his strengths when you use stats to beat him with, and you reply by posting 700 more stats.

Just enjoy watching this rolls royce of a player mate, they don’t come round for us too often.


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Blimey. Can’t be believe this thread has people trying to tell us that Andre Gomes isn’t that good! He was rubbish for the few months that the whole team were rubbish granted but he is one classy operator linking up defence and attack positively. He’s also a massive snide but looks sexy enough to get away with it.

...also classic GOT that all reports say deal is done at around 22m, he only wanted to come here and we’re desperate to sign him yet people are getting wound up he hasn’t signed yet! We’ve got about 8 weeks until the new season and everyone is on holiday lol
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