2022/23 Amadou Onana


Player Valuation: £35m
That should cool expectations a little bit! You can definitely understand why Lampard didn't throw him in from the start if that's what he's seeing in training.

That's not me writing the lad off but he was all over the place. It happens with a young lad new to the league. I think it really puts pressure on us to get other signings right because based on today Onana is not the immediate answer to what are very big midfield problems.

Yes, can see why we need gana and keep Allan


Player Valuation: £6m
The rugby tackle, the 40 yard shot, the losing the ball in dangerous positions (two games in a row), the nearly being sent off.

Clinging on to the run that caused the Digne own goal against Aston Villa. That is definitely the real Onana, not the one we have seen in these first two games.

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