Adolfo Gaich

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Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?
Probably missed a few ,but here's a recap of Nazi related posts so far (to help you avoid duplicates in the future) . Winner so far in my view is @summerisle

Must resist all Nazi related jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a LOT on the social media about this guy mein GrandadRanAwayToSouthAmericaIn1944Frandel

I am thinking "gol"
I really like the look of this kid. Great turn of pace, an eye for goal, can really spot some lebensraum
Don’t know why, but I first read that as Hermann Goerring
Will be a great signing if the price is reich.
Adolfo ... huh strange how many Argentinians have German sounding names.
The wee fella was Austrian to be fair.
We love a player with a tricky name but this one is going to cause chaos. The Gwladys street is going to get English football a 10 year European ban with the chants they’ll come up with for him lol
Maybe his grandad suddenly liked the idea of moving to South America around 1945 or so.
Imagine how good we are going to be. Long-range rockets. Every game.
Not as good in the air as he’d like to think, and apt to give the odd suicide pass.
Is he by any chance the Anführer of the Argentina U-20?
He’s Goering to be a great signing imo
I only popped in this thread to make a Nazi joke. Won’t bother now.
Do you think we could conquer Europe with this lad?
Providing we don’t get a group of

Torpedo Moscow
Spartak Moscow
Stalingrad United
It's a big leap from the panza division to the premier league, go ed lad.
Sounds like an SS officer
huge german contingent in germany because loads fled there after the war
Will he wear number Nein?
He is an enigma.......................machine. Truth be told i have no idea what's going on. What's happened?
He’s goring to bang them in!
Is he a right winger?
Any player that knows how to blitzkreig a defensive line is a yes from me.
Under the radar but this has cracked me up.
He's good in the aryan ya know, he'll score nein goals from corners anne frankly he could be the reich signing.
Look, the big racist is not my cup of tea, but everywhere he went people shouted “HI HITLER”.....

Ahem, I’ll get me coat.
He’ll be devastating in Europe.
He’ll conquer all of Europe, but not England.
Can't wait for the night of the long dives.
It's Goering to be hitlarious, you're going to be furerious if you don't like Nazi puns, this type of thing is usually out of mein kamphert zone and I did Nazi this coming.
Just sign the fokker

I'll get my kraut
Adolfo is a fairly common name in Spanish speaking countries. So you can all just stop it. Stop it now. Or Poland is getting invaded.
Looks like someone is trying to build a future.
The rise of the fourth reich.
His first name Adolfo is a little to close to a certain infamous person within the memory of older fans. If he ever gets to sign for some obscure English club, he might become a victim of verbal abuse or nasty posters.
None of these jokes would make any sense to Wayne Hennessey.
If he signs, will he Hitler ground running ?
It’s a bit gassy in this thread.
Has he got one bollock?
Something tells me he'll be good in the air
Has ge got a tash ?
Was worried about a permit but am I right in thinking he qualifies for an Austrian passport though his grandad
just catching up on all these puns and now im sad because I can Nazi how I can make a original one about this guy


Player Valuation: £6m
Hopefully if he signs he can acclimatise to the premier league pretty quickly and hit the ground running get used to it fast, he looks like he has the size for it. Hope he doesn't struggle and we don't need to Panzer to the Focke.


Player Valuation: £25m
Eggs, I promise on my honour never to disclose the contents of this thread to the good Adolpho should he be so fortunate as to don the shirt of Everton F.C.
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