2017/18 Ademola Lookman

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Ademola Lookman - 2017/18 Player Performance Thread
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Please use this thread for all discussion relating to Ademola Lookman's 2017/18 match performances.

Feel free to start new threads regarding any new topics of discussion relating to this player - new contracts, player quotes, transfer news etc.

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Player Valuation: £70m
Think this kid is going to have a great season.

Also thought McGeady would be a good signing for buttons because he had pace and could put in a cross so wtf do I know..


Player Valuation: £60m
Was rubbish in his cameo here today.

Much more in his locker. Hope he gets to prove himself properly this season.


Player Valuation: £50m
Should of came on ahead of Mirallas as it was basically game over. Pointless him sitting on the bench all the time

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