2022/23 Abdoulaye Doucouré

Put it this way.

How's Davies not getting on the pitch ahead of him?

Hes genuinely got to where he is in the game because he can run loads.

It's like if Mo Farah was a footballer.
the problem is davis is poor too. both squad players at best. its why we have struggled in the league last number of year. the standard we have is rubbish. the quality isn't there.

and now we added mcneil, maupay etc to it.

Just shocking, that error was bad enough but it was how long it took him afterwards to even attempt to try and get back to recover his mess.
We just can't carry that kind of mentality in the squad let alone on the pitch...

Sometimes it seems we have players that just believe they have right to be in the first team rather then have to earn there spot in the line-up

Surely he’ll go at the end of the season when his contract expires. If the club exercise the option to extend for a year it would be crazy. Gana and Onana maybe picked up injuries, might miss the next game - he’s surely played himself out of a starting slot with that performance. Didn’t look like he could control his legs, let alone the ball.
Was bossing it before he got hurt last season, had covered the most ground in the entire league at the time, disappointing since. Should never have been left alone in a double pivot. I think we’ve run him into the ground and spent his life force

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