2023/24 Season - Comments

Football, 2023/24


The design of the Everton Crest looks suspiciously like the design that was apparently 'overwhelmingly rejected' by the vast majority of supporters in 2013. If I remember correctly, it was rejigged for the purposes of TV graphics.

Rounder and friendlier, I liked it then, and I like it now.
Was this a deliberate decision?
Had a bad opening week

Opening to bounce back here

My crazy pick is thinking that we'll get a draw lol

Also gone with City and Newcastle drawing, as I think that might not be impossible
I find if i start at the last page and work backwards i can find myself quicker lol

Its my first attempt so will give myself a break, No Protests for now but..........

DIXIE Out!!!

I know we're only 2 games in but yes, us fans are well on your back and if you don't turn this early season slump around Dixie, I'm afraid the protests will ramp up!