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  • Suss it out if it is him first and I'll let you know mate. If it is then he's one cracking lad, I have a lot of time for him. I used to work with him in another life. Good footballer too, he has some good stories of my football days.

    Anyway, it could be some random Polish lid.
    Tall with blonde hair and blue eyes? If he's Dutch then he'll work out exactly who I am when you mention Everton. Don't mention the internet or I'll take abuse, pretend you met me at a game or something.

    And call him a tulip sniffing clog dweller from me, he'll get it.
    Hahaha. Oh aye, the front behind photo. A favourite of mine!

    I have a Dutch friend called Alex who has recently moved to Chorley, if you come across him (as obviously everybody knows everybody in Chorley) say hi will you.
    I have to check, but surely no poor soul has images of my average self to share on the interweb do they?

    If they do, then the gimp mask was a joke. A joke I tell you.
    Welcome Woolly Blue,

    Enjoy your stay at GrandOldTeam

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