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    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    No, but I'm taking a percentage of his football related earnings.
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    Spirit of The Blues at Leicester today

    The stewards kept looking at their watches, obviously thinking "When are these [insert swear word here] going to [insert another one here] off home" !
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    Vitor Pereira

    Confirmed on his own website that it's all but done
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    1. Never trust a volunteer, they either have too much time on their hands or have an over-inflated opinion of themselves, quite often both. These sorts of posts are best filled with someone who's already busy and has to have their arm twisted to get involved. 2. Also, never limit the people...
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    27 years campaign

    I can sum the protest up for you in four or five bullet points Andy. In terms of raising awareness to the main(ish)stream media of the owner and boards lack of a grip of the running of the club - A major success In terms of demonstrating the amount of feeling that match-going fans have on the...
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    27 years campaign

    All good mate. Sorry tonight didn't really go as was hoped, but you did what you thought was right for the club, and no-one can fault you for that. I logged onto the tw*tter conversation for half an hour a couple of evenings ago, and, though the lads who spoke, spoke well, I got the impression...
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    27 years campaign

    Spot on this. if 2 or 3 thousand people leave then the focus will be on the 33 / 34 thousand still in their seats, and it gives the impression, incorrectly, that it's a small minority who are unhappy with how the club is being run. Great to see fans trying something, but this could easily be...
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    Thanks for all your support, whether financial or emotional.
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    Copied from t'other place. An update from SoMuchFun / Ilmari :- There's been a lot and nothing happening. I got the profiling results and there's a drug in the States that might work but I can't access it. I got dropped off chemo as inefficient so at the moment receiving no treatment. I am...
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    Copied from elsewhere. An update from SoMuchFun / Ilmari :- I'd like to thank everyone involved. The level of support has been absolutely overwhelming and humbling. Tomorrow I'll get a CT scan and the results agonizing ten days later. I don't really expect much of these scans as the doctors...
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    This not letting in Tier 3 people is very woollist. Bar-stewards.
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Maybe you could, but, hand on heart, i think looking back on most things in life, most of us could say we could have done better. Having "what if" thoughts is part of what makes us human. I'm always a bit wary of people who say they have no regrets, it suggests a lack of understanding. He...
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    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    It could have been worse. It might have been played in front of travelling, paying fans.
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    @Bungle's in charge of account deletions mate

    @Bungle's in charge of account deletions mate
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    Club a seal in celebration Finners !

    Club a seal in celebration Finners !
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