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    Everton on TV in USA

    Agreed. And on Verizon Fios, + isn't even high def. They would have you pay $15 per month for one, low def channel. At least with Verizon, I have been successful in subscribing for one day and then unsubscribing - paying $0.50 per game. Here's some info on the upcoming NBC contract. There...
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    How good a player is Steven Pienaar?

    Been thinking the same thing. He's just not been himself has he?
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    Everton on TV in USA

    Could FSC hawk that damn "Being Liverpool" show any more? We can't go 5 blanking minutes without being reminded with a screen popup during games or a commercial. Fox must be trying to get into or stay in good graces with the Red Sox. I am sick of it. That is all.
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    Everton, the Medium Sized Club

    "Arsenal has massive resources, a huge scouting network, some of the best youth facilities in the world, and the ability to offer new players regular access to Champions League soccer. ...Arsenal can't know that any player they sign is going to be a sure thing, value-wise, but they can count on...
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    Wigan 2-2 Everton. 6th Oct @ 15.00.

    Glad to know that I am not the only one thrown off by Pienaar shaving the dreads. Classic comparison of Pienaar & Osman to Fifa game controller. No question Pienaar is represented by the better operating game pad. For me, Neville is the one that is so frustrating. His game controller seems...
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    Kevin Mirallas

    Cheaper than some cat named.... named.... was it.... his name was Bily, I think. Kev gets the ball taken off his foot too often but he really does add a positive spark. Seems that there is plenty of upside with him. Coleman looks so much better when he has Kev to interchange with. Seamie...
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    Everton 3-1 Southampton. 29th Sep @ 15.00.

    Great write up Cheeks. Boffo really. Something different about it. Even better than usual. A clearer and more cohesive style and flow between your quips and footie. I suspect at least one extra pint before you sat down to your old Selectric and banged out this masterpiece. You've raised...
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    Took a pretty good hit in last nights match with Jamaica in the 53rd min. Finished the match but look in pain at the time. Scary that we are one good clattering away from Mucha.
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    Busting our balls [Vadis odjidja ofoe]

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    Should Phil Neville be anywhere near our first team?

    No, no, no, no, never, never, never, never in the midfield. Junior before Nev every time.
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    Everton on TV in USA

    Depends on the carrier. Verizon is still stuck in low-def. For me, that's nowhere near worth $15 am month. Hence, I play the day-pass game of sign-up and cancel.
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    Busting our balls [Vadis odjidja ofoe]

    Didn't GOT have a user named IamtheYak a few years ago that could nail the starting XI hours if not a day in advance of kickoff? One in the same?
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    The Derby

    Nailed it. DM has coached the LFC matches with a irrational inferiority complex. Come on Davie, man up!
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    Matthew Kennedy...

    I hear you but... that implies he will soon be equal to or ahead of Vellios who get no pitch time. That seems a stretch given what little we know. We shall see how he adapts. Maybe he's trying to live the EFC dream.
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    Everton on TV in USA

    Also, keep in mind that even if you don't sign up for the monthly $15 tithe for FSC+, you can subscribe right before a game and cancel the next day. You will get charged about 1/30th of the monthly fee for each day you have it on. I paid $0.50 a few times last year for FSC+. Yeah, I am a...
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