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  1. tim cahill

    2019/20 Oumar Niasse

    After Moyes left the structure in place for recruitment was clearly all over the place.
  2. tim cahill

    Left Midfield

    Zero votes for Sigurdsson. Ouch!
  3. tim cahill

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    I'd rather have Delph at right back than Sidibe. Carlo didn't mention him being injured the other day.
  4. tim cahill

    2019/20 Djibril Sidibe

    I think it's more a case of Chelsea giving him space because they want him to have it.
  5. tim cahill

    2019/20 Djibril Sidibe

    I'm starting to wonder if we'd be better off with Cuco.
  6. tim cahill

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    That's not true. It has roughly 30x the mortality rate of the flu according to most sources.
  7. tim cahill

    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Unless one of our strikers leave I don't think we need one.
  8. tim cahill

    2019/20 Cenk Tosun

    We get no luck with injuries.
  9. tim cahill

    Podcast edition #84

    On Castbox the latest episode is 2018. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. tim cahill

    Everton and VAR

    There's just no consistency at all. Shocking decision that today!
  11. tim cahill

    Match Thread Everton v Manchester United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Souness and Keane think VAR got it right. Impartial.
  12. tim cahill

    Match Thread Everton v Manchester United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    You could be right. Still disagree with Sigurdsson starting wherever he's playing though. Bernard and Iwobi should be ahead of him.
  13. tim cahill

    2019/20 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    They only played one game together. At home to Watford, who were losing to everyone at the time. We won but we weren't great at all and we certainly didn't dominate the midfield.
  14. tim cahill

    2019/20 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    It would be nice but there's not much evidence for this really.
  15. tim cahill

    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Davies has plenty of energy! Unfortunately he can't pass.
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