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  • Yes, the esk, am fine. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the late 90s. Passed away in Feb this year. Only found out at the funeral his input into the development of the defibrillator He was one of the team of two who invented & developed it. I am a very proud son.
    Is that you on the right there, Esk? Heh

    Yup, all's well Esk...taking the parents to the airport tonight as they're off on a cruise. Never been one for those myself, rather be out exploring the countryside if I'm gonna' travel.
    Aye all is ok here. I think you summed my feelings up with " as much as I loved Moyes I feel a freshness about the club".

    Actually excited.
    "He's staying for another two years, he's just preparing for relegation in 14-15 and life in the Championship in 15-16 !"

    That horrific thought crossed my mind!

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