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  • Hi mate. Been told to contact you from my post about the Watford game. I'm travelling from Barnet and wondering whether anyone meeting in a pub pre game?
    By the time it was over I don't know how many half uns I'd downed but was like the rubber man going to the loo lol lol
    Well, there's always next time. Enjoued your company and will deffo have to tie up again when I'm over x
    Hiya , i was working a split yesterday so only managed to watch some of the game inbetween shifts, yeh it must have been electric, not like the game we were at eh?? lol x
    It esd round the low 30s yesterday, just to rub it in. Bad news about the gritters, left the horse in for a service before I left. Looks like I won't get the use out of it then, off to a Thail theme park tday. Armed soldiers in Bangkok past few days, almost like Belfast in the 70s
    Good to hear from you Jeff. It's freezing here mate. Gritters were out in force earlier. If i was you I'd stay there until around May :p
    Don't think so Stevie, think I will try the hair of the dog tonight, I am enjoying seeing all my RS friends cringe when they see me, in anticipation of a gloating session,,,,,,,,, as if I would :D:D:D
    You're welcome, mate!

    TBH, there is just a little more to it than I posted, but I thought I would bore everyone to death!!!

    To me, the Club is just a business, and people attach their emotions and sense of self to that business.

    But what do I know? I'm just a strange old man who smells of wee!!!

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