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  • Hope your chemo goes well for you mate. I have friends who havew had it and are in remission. It was a spur of the moment decision to go. I have a lot of leave booked and the match won't be moved from Sun afternoon, the flights were 50 notes return, get a night in Liverpool so all's good. Havw you got a date set for the nuptuals? Think twice mate, that's all I'll say.
    I havent been well enough to travel for a while now. Im due in for chemo just before easter, so i havent booked anything yet. I'm hoping to get over before the end of the season though.
    Hayee is married, and im not far of it. We both like to have a laugh though :p
    dont really know ya jeff, lol i thought it was thee everton facebook... but anyway ya cant know enough evertonians in ya life so howdee an embrace your fellow blues... one cause one dream one love... an we love u everton.......1878 nil satis nisi optimum.. its all in the name speak soon jeff all comments welcome
    Greetings Stephen, no real pain, just a bad ache at times. pissed off sitting at home, have almost volunteered to do some housework, I did say ALMOST. Tried the stuff once but I prefer alcohol. I tend to view the other as a gateway, one that I have tried but don't intend persuing. My only fear is if he does sell Lescott we'll have no cover at the back, but he isn't that silly, is he? Hospital this Tue so won't be walking this Mon LoL. Will have to tie up soon, are you back in Northern Ireland yet?

    ps check out the thread on clamping in the ale house, I've posted a bit there, did you see the xray?
    Hey jeff. Hope your not in as much pain now? Hope you get a result at the hospital. I'm sure you'll still have fun in holland whatever happens, I'm told they have excellent pain relief there lol
    Alls well here mate, though would be a lot happier with some quality signings. Startin to think it's gonna be like last summer :(
    All the best for the hospital and your trip.
    hi Jeff, how's things? Sorry not been in touch, I keep forgetting to do the pm thing. All this bad news about Mikel is really depressing, let's hope the lads can hold it together for the rest of the season. I suppose now it's time for the fans to show that extra bit of support too. When are you next over?
    Mine neither.

    I mean, have you seen the price of those things?

    Someone tried to sell me some once. £30!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told him to shove them up his arse.

    *groans* that was for the bad joke not his reaction :D
    Cheers mate, nice to know my comedy genuis doesn't go unnoticed haha :)

    If you need to explain more about anal beads i can direct you to some *ahem* instruction videos, plenty of examples with loads of close ups! Although you'd probably get in bad trouble if you showed her them.

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