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  • Massively mate, to be honest. Mind you, this two f*cking day hangover you've gave me doesn't help like.

    Is your bird talking you yet?!
    Does Danny know? I just got onto with you saying about it on Saturday and then backing him you horror.

    Nice work like x
    thanks for the pm sharpy mate, you left off the smiley tho- press go advanced, cheers zed
    sorry mate, i shouldve ok`d it with you before i posted, next time eh!
    Mate , you're full up .

    I had kids with me is all .
    Anyway , I've sorted the Bburn thing - not goin' meself now . No lift - , an' I'll ask her about Stoke when she's back in .
    Wish Source Happy B'day . I told him I went to Villa with you .
    I can only imagine some of our match reports

    "Got up about 11. That f-ing dog again kept me again up all night barking. The mrs had gone out so scrounged through the freezer to sort my own brekkie out. She doesn't buy bacon but she buys pizza, with PINEAPPLE on. FFS. i'll have to have words about that. So I decided on a sayers pastie for breakfast. Got there and they are selling a breakfast pastie now!!! Windmilled big time. bought six and woofed the lot. made my way to Goodison. one or two fit birds on the way. stopped off at sharpys all inclusive. i swear, hes looking more an more like uncle fester every time. dont tell me that though, id be gutted if he banned me. took my seat at goodison. 1-0 in the first half. that girl came on the pitch at half time, the one who looks like the scouse bird in atomic kitten or the sugar babes or the girls aloud. didnt have time to get a hot dog because of her so i sent smigger to get me one. the game finished 3-1, well sound"
    No lad, it was making me feel sick. :(

    It moves to much, not good after a heavy night on the Green, green grass.

    I nearly got my cock out at the game when he did it tho.

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