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  1. Hummus

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

  2. Hummus

    Who next?

  3. Hummus

    Happy New Midfield Day

    Last seasons midfield look vs the new midfielder look!!
  4. Hummus

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    I guess we will see Stephen
  5. Hummus

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    22.4m Been accepted & 134k per week
  6. Hummus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Ha really, you might want to actually check that.
  7. Hummus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Only passing on info I’ve heard today. Without going into to much detail. I was with breedon aggregates in Leeds for a meeting today. After getting the biz done it was time for light hearted talk! Football! apparently one of the team there had be out on a golfing trip with his buddy who is...
  8. Hummus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Horrible news but I’ve heard Danny Welbeck will certainly be joining us before the windows out. This was pretty much a deal done weeks ago.
  9. Hummus

    Transfer Rumour Adnan Januzaj

    Swerve by a million miles
  10. Hummus

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    fair play I can actually get on GOT this morning, a few wet beds this morning.
  11. Hummus

    Squad depth chart summer 2018

    much better chart sorted!
  12. Hummus

    Sam Allardyce

    ...............Get out
  13. Hummus

    The point of no return

  14. Hummus

    Transfer Rumour Theo Walcott

    Ronaldo 32 hitting 33 still wanted and commanding a 150m price tag. Theo’s got plenty in the tank
  15. Hummus

    Transfer Rumour Theo Walcott

    I don’t think he’s a big sick note compared to some players we’ve had! And let’s not forget he has played more games over all including CL etc over last few years.
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