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  • Me neither. I usually only watch the better teams, but it's the WC so I'm trying to watch a lot of them.
    Yeah. But it is kind of obvious. After watching the Algeria-Slovenia game, I don't know if they will be able to. They aren't very good.
    Yeah, I guess our defense held them away. But there were quite a lot of shots. Howard had to make a lot of saves.

    Pretty much the key to stopping England is stopping Rooney.
    Sorry, it was only hypethetical.:)

    You pretty much had most of the possesion in the second half. Just couldn't do anything with it.
    If Jags or Baines made the squad and went down like Howard did, I would be concerned too.

    They probably did. Even I underestimated the defense but I had no doubt that we could draw. I'm pretty happy with the result.
    Haha. Yeah Howard is really good. Probably would have lost if he came off after he had that injury to his rubs. Our defense played a lot better than I thought they would. We have a chance to win the group!! (probably won't happen though)
    Im good, thanks.

    It doesnt matter if you're not Scouse, as long as your an Evertonian, you fit in ;). Im American and people seem to like me.
    Oh yeah, half term....

    There's an english exam on tuesday tho??

    nevermind, night.
    You're really only 16?

    Shouldn't you be focusing on exams or something, not drawing insanely good pictures of everton players?

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