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    Confirmed Signing Lucas Digne

    He just posted goodbye to Barcelona on Instagram.
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    Homepage Update: Everton Agree Fee With Man Utd For Lukaku

    Was there not a story the other day of Rooney being owed a £10M payment from United to leave? So it's possible that United are paying £75M + £15M in add ons and have agreed to pay £10M to Rooney to free him up to move to Everton on sensible wages.
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    Silly Season January 2014

    "Everton manager Roberto Martinez is at Tannadice for Dundee United v Hibernian." - BBC Sport
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    Bryan Oviedo

    I wouldn't be surprised if we had scouts at all the Champions League qualifiers. If a team gets knocked out then high-calibre players may become available.
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    Alex Ferguson

    It is better for his players to hear that than admit that Everton could have won far more comfortably. United didn't play badly which is probably more worrying for them and exciting for us.
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    What I don't get is why every media outlet suddenly come out with quotes like "Everton better watch out for bids for Fellaini." I can't imagine if Rooney had an "unplayable" game he'd receive the same treatment. It lacks respect.
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