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  • Yea sounds good mate, drop me a line on 07538919186 and i'll paypal you asap. If you can send it next day delivery i'll pay for it - or maybe I can grab it off one of your mates if they are going to the game.
    EDIT: Sorry for slow replies - still need to get my posts cleared by mods.
    If you do still have, am open to post or I can do pickup in Brighton
    Yes mate. Not going Brighton. Where do you want me to post it. Can you pay by pay pal. Will post tomorrow morning
    Great, drop me a line on 07538919186 and i'll paypal you tonight.
    Hi Darren I dont think that will work for me :( I will be staying in Air BnB in B/Ton and i dont trust the royal mail to get it there for me by Saturday this time of year and all
    Hi Darren i have paypal so thats cool if suits you best ,,if you send me the account to pay to and ammount , i will then ring you when i am in UK on Thur to arrange meeting point for Saturday ?
    Hi. I won’t be going to game. Have you got another address I can post to
    Hi Darren Roztitude is offering me a ticket can you let me know ASAP if your happy with below arrangement and i can let him know i am sorted
    Hi Darren I am in Ireland right now flying to B/Ton late on 26th till 30th so dont know if post wil be good idea can we meet at stadium ? I can guarntee i will take the ticket here is my irish mobile number 353858143309 I can ring you to confirm if you prefer ? i can give you a bell on Thurs morning to arrange meet on Sat ? please advise
    Hi Darren I am lookin for a ticket to brighton game can meet at ground can you let me know ASAP if you still have ,thanks a mill
    ill have it mate.
    give me a call on 07718144936
    i will come meet you with money tomorrow.

    let me know if you still have it
    nice one

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