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    Confirmed Signing Idrissa Gueye

    Yep, it was as though he had never been away from the club and in his time on the pitch highlighted that we had never replaced him.
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    Match Thread Everton v Them - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    For me, he appears incapable of knocking a ball past a man either when trying to move forward himself or pick a pass.
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    Confirmed Signing Idrissa Gueye

    Great Post. Some forum members seem to lack any understanding that for us to develop, we have to build a team which means wheeling and dealing on a restricted budget. We tried throwing money out for bad players which got us into themess we were in.
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    2022/23 Tom Davies

    I just watched their goal back, the Leeds defender heads it forward and the flight is such as to drop equidistant from Davies and the Leeds number 8. The Leeds player moves quickly and takes 5strides to win the ball. Davies manages 2 and the ball is gone. I cannot see how you can be effective...
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    Match Thread Leeds v Everton : Tuesday 30th August 2022 : KO 8pm

    Yep, whilst we are all desparate for our first win, the performance of theteam in these first 5 games has been head and shoulders above the dross of last season.
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    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    I am impressed with how he reads the game and moves into space to take a pass.
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    Match Thread Leeds v Everton : Tuesday 30th August 2022 : KO 8pm

    Bang On, I get more impressed with him every game, Fingers crossedI havent put mockers on him for the rest of this match.
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    Match Thread Brentford v Everton - Match Report, MotM Poll

    You can add regular poor decision making and a reluctance to shoot to that.
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    2022/23 Demarai Gray

    But please refrain from gtaking any more free kicks or corners.
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    Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

    We have been susceptible to pace for a good few years. The ball is not sticking up top and on many occasions we lose possession when the back line is high.
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    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Good post, those who criticise his performance in keeping us up last season seem to forget he only arrived in January. Any of us who start a new job need time to settle and get to know the set up. He did this. In respect of recruiting a striker this window, it is widely reported and almost...
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    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Good post, sums up the context of yesterday's result. Those who say we should have replaced Richarlison before the start of the season, do so without knowing fully who we have approached. There is also an apparent lack of recognition of our oft spelled out financial situation which means we...
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    Agree, what I find disappointing is that when he receives the ball back to opposition goal, he never seems to try and turn and move the ball forwards. This applies when he is playing wide. Obviously, I realise he cannot do it all the time but to me it is an area which seems lacking when he...
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    Bill Kenwright

    I would rephrase this question to What should he be doing as Chairman? The Institite of Directors defines it as: The Chair’s primary role is to ensure that the board is effective in its task of setting and implementing the company’s direction and strategy. The available evidence suggests that...
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    Farhad Moshirì

    Correct and as I have previously said, BK seems to have presided over a Board which had no accountability and certainly had no key performance indicators. It was his responsibility to ensure that the club had a strategic direction and improved performance on and off the field. Abject failure...
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