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  • No idea if its true or not,the guy who posted it is pretty genuine and as far as i know has never posted any transfer gossip before.
    Ps if you post it up here change things round a bit please.
    I haven't bro, just murmurs similar to that so I don't know what to believe.

    If he leaves then I'd be disappointed in him like, with him being our captain and always banging on about how great the club is etc.
    . he said he got a text off his brother a couple of hours ago saying Phil Neville has asked to speak to Spurs and Moyes has said he can after the derby tomorrow

    don't shoot the messenger but my uncle is mates with Neville so we'll see if there is any truth in it
    Heard anything similar ?
    Lad , welcome , btw .

    Posting links to Kiper IS NOT A GOOD IDEA .

    Least when I'm involved its not .
    I don't like them . Thus , I do not post there , so if you wanna chat [Poor language removed] here , no probs . We all do .
    But if you wanna be a Kipper , be a Kipper .
    Never the twain shall meet .

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