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    Bosco reacted to Spart's post in the thread VAR and Goal celebrations with Like Like.
    Last night proved just how much VAR is taking all the joy out of celebrating a goal now with both the first two decisions being over-turned long after Richarlison and his team-mates had finished celebrating scoring. So much so that I think the...
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    Bosco reacted to jinkyali's post in the thread The fans should be sacked? with Like Like.
    I'm happy for it to be my fault. First time ever I think I genuinely disliked most of our team more than our loveable neighbours. Despise our lot. Sack me.
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    Bosco reacted to Nickal70's post in the thread What on earth! with Like Like.
    Hi guys Well wasn't that just awful Sunday. What gets me, is how on earth does Iwobi get a blue shirt. Gave the ball away constantly, gets a chance down the left, gets in front of the defender then chickens out, no belief, no heart. Allan...
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    Bosco reacted to AsiaAsia82's post in the thread The future with Like Like.
    If you were born after 1995 you have permission to switch allegiances, no questions asked ;)
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    Bosco reacted to toffee matt's post in the thread Why is it always a big No to Moyes with Like Like.
    Ran down his contract because Ferguson told him, and then tried to unstable the club and sign our two best players on the cheep. Did a good job beforehand but the way he left means he should never be back here
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    Bosco reacted to Tigger's post in the thread Why is it always a big No to Moyes with Like Like.
    The way he belittled us after leaving cannot be forgiven, thinking he was Billy big balls. Hard swerve, would have been more bearable than the odious toad we have now though.
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