Sean Dyche On Calvert-Lewin’s Fitness

Sean Dyche has confirmed Dominic Calvert-Lewin is back training on grass, and believes there’s positive signs towards the strikers return to fitness.

Dyche provided an update on the latest team news ahead of Everton vs Brentford, : “Miko (Vitalii Mykolenko) illness, it’s just making a decision on his strength coming out of illness but training today. Patto (Nathan Patterson) played another game but it’s still getting that true much sharpness.

“Dom’s (Dominic Calvert-Lewin) is around it again with us training. But you know still making a decision on when he’s truly right to come back in. So that’ll be as the next few days go on”.

In terms of Dom being truly right. What do you need to see?

“Just all the markers you can imagine there’s some statistical markers from his history. There’s some training markers from his history as well from his training regime before we got here. The week that he’s trained before he was injured and and then of course speaking to him as well, you know, it’s often the case when especially as players get a little bit older, they start learning more about their bodies and he will have done that, you know, it’s it’s a tough run he’s had on and off for the last couple years but you do learn more about your body so speaking to him and making sure that he feels right about things as well as the medical team”.

If not this week then looking positive for next week?

“Well it’s early yet he’s just got on the grass with us, but he’s done a lot of rehab and the stats and facts and the way he’s feeling is good so positive signs, that’s for sure”.

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