2020/21 Yerry Mina

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Sassy Colombian

Player Valuation: £70m
Wonder what Benitez is going to do about Mina 🤔 I’m not very optimistic about it




Player Valuation: £50m


Player Valuation: £40m
Much prefer if he stays. But have a feeling he would be seen as one of the more straightforward options to sell and bring in cash.


Player Valuation: £8m
I think he's our best centre back, but that's a bit like saying a dwarf is taller than the pygmies that surround him. There was a time when Mina was considered more useful for ensuring James had a familiar face around than for his actual playing abilities. With James on the way out, it seems, I suspect Mina will also be on his way. I'd rather keep him, but we are not talking prime Franz Beckenbauer here, so he either signs a contract extension or we use him as a contribution to easing our financial restrictions.

Having grown up with the team of the 80s, I really can't get exercised by the sale or loss of our current squad of players. None of them are all that. Hopefully Benitez can ship a few out to ship in a few improvements. That's really the task at hand now, not keeping iffy inconsistent mediocrities sweet.
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