Transfer Rumour Wilifred Zaha - January Transfer Thread

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I've read a few comments on other platforms of saying he's rubbish et al. based on yesterday's performance. For the right price*, I'd snap him up every day.

*Palace will never sell at the right price.
Well that's the thing right, he's a very good player who would offer us lots but can't see it as a priority. Would snap their hand off if he was going for 30-35 but no more imo


Player Valuation: £10m
Could tell he didnt want to turn the heat up against us.

What a gentleman.
Got no info to go on but I reckon he would jump at the chance to join us. Would give us a different option and could play any of those front positions. Having said that there must be cheaper options available. Liked the looked of that Eze , only young but looks quick and dangerous


Player Valuation: £70m
Is it just me but his face is terrifying to look at.

not so much terrifying but he does mostly look like his wife has caught him with the neighbour

Not open for further replies.

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