Transfer Rumour Wilifred Zaha - January Transfer Thread


Player Valuation: £60m
Roy is desperate for someone to put in an offer, he’s practically begging clubs to come take Zaha in every presser.
Not that I don’t think he’s a good player or anything, but I think he is worth more to Palace than he is to us as a buying club. Plus the fact his most effective position seems to be left wing, I just can’t see it for us this window.


Player Valuation: £35m
if you want silly, check out the James transfer rumour thread

boy, a lot of people are eating their own words
To be fair Rodriguez was fairly well telegraphed due to his previous close connection to Ancelotti, and there were multiple rumours from well respected sources throughout.
Not so (thus far)with Zaha.
The argument for Cavani arriving seems to be purely that he exists in the same time continuum as Everton therefore all things may be possible.

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