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The fact that they (Obviously Bill) are even looking at Martinez shows just how disconnected and dysfunctional the Everton board and owner are. I would rather they didn't appoint anyone right now and just let Ferguson and Baines get us through to the end of the season. Pretty sure they would do enough to get us enough points to stay up. Then as soon as the season is finished sack the entire board and bring in a brand new team of pros to run the business competently. Not going to happen though is it because the biggest problem is Mosh himself.


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Nice to see the amount of votes for Potter. Just listening to ian wright on motd talking about structure. This is exactly what Everton should have started 7 months ago with Potter.

You know at Brighton if Potter leaves Dan Ashworth will have a list 10 pages long of managers who'd fit in with what they've been building there, no problems if he goes someone will be able to slot in quite seamlessly.


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Alan Myers is laughable. He’s Been listening to bobbles space for two hours and then puts this up as if he’s not just heard it on.


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