What's happened to Jags

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I could see him going to a promotion chasing Championship side, like Derby, or if someone like Bolton or Sheffield United get promoted from League One, him going there for their Championship campaign next season

Jags strikes me as the sort of person who'll play as long as he can, whilst also maybe doing his coaching badges

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Clat is good but comes off as arrogant too often and it's gotten him into trouble before. Michael Oliver ticks all the boxes for me (minus the recent haircut gaff).

Clattenberg loves to be involved in the game as much as the players. He is dog turd and one referee who's name will come up if there ever was a corruption scandal. I just don't like the man at all.

Bobby Madley pee's all over clattenberg's refereeing skills IMO.


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Once he was our most reliable defender now giving away penalties like its gone out fashion and sent off tonight.

i know that time catches up with us all but heck his form has dived big style, so what's happened to him ????
It hasn't happened overnight. He's been getting worse and worse for the last few years. TBF to Jags I actually thought he played ok last night and just did what he felt he had to at the end with the second booking. Time has just caught up to him and he's not even close to being the player he once was. His leadership skills and ability to be our captain I still question, though again he was much more vocal last against Arsenal. I think he's one of the many players we need to rid ourselves of asap if we as a club have any ambition.


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Jagielka ahead of Funes Mori last night tells me that RK disagrees with a lot of you.
The derby will be crucial now, is it Williams/Holgate or Williams/ Funes Mori...I would not be surprised it Holgate made the team.

Either way... in January or in the summer we are going to be signing a strong dominant in the air centrehalf.
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