What is Sam's Plan??

What is Sam's plan???

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Having been away over the last ten days i wasn't witness to another clean sheet against West Brom, but i also wasn't witness to what some tell me was an incredibly negative performance to a team who were very much their for the taking. So i thought id create a poll to see were the fan base stands on what they think Big Sam's actual plan is for the rest of the season......have at it boys and girls!!!


Player Valuation: £100m
Sam Allardyce has acknowledged that he will be looking to add “more goals” to his side during the January transfer window.

Wayne Rooney leads the scoring charts having secured 11 goals since his return to the Club from Manchester United, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Oumar Niasse having contributed six goals each.

But with Rooney being deployed in a deeper role of late and 20-year-old Calvert-Lewin still developing and maturing as a player, Allardyce revealed he is looking for reinforcement in that area.

“We need a front man if we can find one, so we'll be actively looking for a one in this window,” he said.

“We need more goals in this side than we have at the moment, if we're to just maintain our position.

“Young Dominic is battling away but his goal record is still four in the Premier League, with a few assists. He has a bright future but we can’t rely on him week in and week out at the moment.

“We have also started to struggle to create chances and score goals in recent matches. It's still one of the major problems we have at the Club and we can't cloud the fact we have been awarded more penalties than anyone in the Premier League, which has contributed to a massive few points over the season.

“That won't always happen, so we need to strengthen in our goalscoring areas and that means new players.”

Defensively, the Blues have been transformed under new boss Allardyce, with just two goals conceded in eight games and six clean sheets.

Thats his plan.
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