Homepage Update: Wayne Rooney transfer "agreed in principle"

Wayne Rooney - Provided he expects to be a regular starter - Keep or Sell?

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Wayne Rooney transfer "agreed in principle"

Wayne Rooney looks set to depart Everton with a £12m move to MLS side DC United agreed in principle, according to Sky Sports.

Sky Sports News report the deal was drafted over the past seven weeks, during several visits to the States by Stretford alongside DC United's Chief Executive Jason Levein.

We recently ran a poll asking our Facebook fans whether they'd like Wayne Rooney to remain at Everton next season. From over 5,000 votes, 53% voted yes to 47% voting no.



Allardyce Out
The faint hope is that his signing was the last vestiges of the sentimental crap from 'Blue Bill' and the last time we make a decision for any reason other than footballing reasons.

Moshiri needs to get his finger out this summer and start making the right calls - that is, of course, if he isn't the total fraud I believe him to be.
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