Use it correctly and it improves the game,
allow the same incompetent people who prioritise looking after their mates to run it and it'll stay broken...

Its stupidly easy to fix.....
Offsides, if any part of the attacking player is level then their onside
if it can't be cleared in 30 seconds then it's not a clear and obvious error so go with the onfield decision.
Fouls, consistent regardless of what area they occur on the pitch....
Contact, not automatically a foul, has to be enough to cause a player to go down or illegally impeded in pushing/nudging players with no intent to get the ball..
Shirt pulls, always a foul...

Baffled who they asked.

Only one thing to mention here that should have been added to that article...we are the only team in the pl that hasn't been giving a single penalty this season...despite multiple var 20 is a very conservative number, and those are the only ones I guess they admitted was the wrong decision? Perhaps biased analysis.

say there is another player that was between the ref and the incident, perhaps the ref was looking the other way but hears a scream and a player going down off the ball, perhaps the ref thinks the ball was close to a hand but couldn't quite see, perhaps the ball was close to the line and the ref wanted to check whether it had gone out. I could go on.
Thats not the point though is it nobody is saying those things can't happen but they're not the only things that can happen. If VAR exists then I think its silly not to use it for things the referee hasn't seen it just doesn't make sense its one of the few things it can actually improve in the game making sure that genuine errors get looked at. Myself I think it can work if its used that way just as a tidying up process where someone is pointing out an obvious offside that got missed or a bad tackle the referee didn't see properly it just doesn't work when its used to totally re referee the game.

A few media going with this. Another rule change ww don't need, wonder which club will be the first to fall foul of it !!