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Player Valuation: £70m
After a post in another thread groaning about players who stunk out the joint, here's my list of garbage I've endured in my experience. It's tricky - what criteria to use? Return on money paid out? Shear uselessness? Laziness? I'm going with ones that make me wince.

Nyarko - lack of backbone.

Koldrupp - could he head a ball? He seemed ok before and after us. What went wrong here? At least he didn't linger long.

Klaasen - not for this league or the team we had. Spent a lot of money on a player ill suited to us.

Sandro - I still understand why we went for him at that price, but we're lumbered with him on stupid wages. Fell off a cliff after signing for us.

Senderos - played and looked like an escapee from the mental asylum. Awful.

Angell - I recall him losing his contact lenses in a game rendering him as blind as a bat. No drop off in performance was noted.

Schneiderlin - a few decent games then a run of games that make the blood boil.

Niasse - He ain't good enough. I at least understand his position of running his contract down and making the most out of his payday. My ire is mostly at the poor recruitment we've made over the last five years or so that he represents.

Ginola - a final wringing of the career before ending that career at the top level. Along with Gazza or Mark Hughes signifies a period when we were bereft of ideas and options and a nadir in this club's history.

Bolassie - no great shakes before injury, and now sent out on loan under 3 (?) managers. Another player we were rinsed for on fee and wages. Another hindrance to being able to improve the team.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £8m
David Lawson, a then record fee for a goalkeeper, a terrible keeper. Alex Nyarko, even more spineless than some of our present day midfielders. Oumar Niasse, a poor poor footballer, makes Bernie Wright look like Alan Shearer.

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