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I enjoyed the article, so chapeau on that. I had a few of the kits identified as number 1 and loved them as a kid. Although my crest always peeled off...

Tiny Timmy

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I know the badge is dirty, but outside of that I was a fan of the shirt myself


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Andy McGurk

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Anyone voting for the yellow danka shirt needs their heads checked, whilst the design was fine it had irritating collars where one bent in and one bent out. YOU CAN SEE IT ON THE PICTURE!

Meanwhile the 95-97 home shirt wins.


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Away from the standard 80s one that are untouchable...

The vanilla one and the Nike year were my favourites.

The vanilla one is beautiful. And I think we only played in it once... against Chelsea in the FA Cup.

This and the 95 kit are my favourite. I love hooped socks and can't believe we've only had them twice (that I can think of).
Blue and white hooped socks on a home kit would look sublime


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My top ten PL era kits:

1. 1995-97 Home - Umbro
2. 2010-11 3rd (vanilla) - LCS
3. 2012-13 Away (black) - Nike
4. 1999-00 Home - Umbro
5. 2018-19 Home - Umbro
6. 2014-15 Home - Umbro
7. 2011-12 Home - LCS
8. 2020-21 Away (bright amber) - Hummel
9. 2009-10 Away (black/purple)- LCS
10. 2013-14 3rd (silver) - Nike
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